Let AI be your investment analyst

Identify investment opportunities, monitor risk exposure and achieve unparalleled efficiencies with OneNexus, our leading AI-augmented portfolio management finance suite.

AI Report Generation

✓ Quantitative Data
✓ Qualitative Data
✓ Traceable Insights

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Market Intelligence Made Smarter

Our proprietary generative AI platform powers modular AI components to provide traceable data in real time for various financial processes in banking, asset management and insurance industry.

Research Automation

Use generative AI to synthesise research reports with full traceability

Analysis & Strategy Assistance

Identify opportunities in seconds 

Risk Assessment & Monitoring

Full view of risk factors including ESG impact and real-time news and headlines

Portfolio Monitoring & Management

Analyse data across private data sources, reputable data houses and the internet

Relationship Management

Integrate popular apps and collaboration with our live investment log

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your AI-powered portfolio management tool stand out?

OneNexus utilises our proprietary AI engine to empower investment professionals with the highest levels of accuracy and technical accessibility. The platform is designed and upgraded regularly with insights from industry consultations to provide the best experience and value.

How does research automation work?

With OneNexus, users are able to synthesise a holistic view with data-backed insights sourced from private and public data sources, including the internet. OneNexus also has AlphaGPT included, allowing users to support their research with depth and breath with simple prompts.

Do you provide ESG investing features?

Incorporated within OneNexus, investment professionals have the capability to leverage international standards like GRI and SASB and Nexus’s rich database of ESG and financial data to customise in-house ESG models and assessment frameworks that are compliant and consistent.